Who We Are

we are just bunch of passionate people and we just love developing Games

why Topaz Star Entertainment?.

Because Topaz Star Entertainment is the one of the finest Mobile app and game development company. With the strong pedigree in social casino games. We have strong line-up of Social casino Games and Casual Games. Because we got the Best resources of

  • unity Development
  • native Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • WebGL Development
  • our expertise and capabilities in Mobile Development field are time tested. and so we know what it takes to create a successful Mobile Game or Mobile App at reasonable price. So what are you waiting for lets begin now!

    Our Team

    we made our pack

    with the handful of talented members we started this company and continue to grow in gaming field. we stay dedicated to implement innovative ideas and processes in to our organisation which reflects in our work.

    The Artist

    over 12+ years of working experience  for Mobile Games in Creative production and Project Stylization. With leading organisations like EA Games & Gameloft. He has worked for more than 40 mid & big level success creations on Mobiles, Tablets and PC titles for various platform.

    Development Guy

    with the 6 years experience in Development he has completed  dozens of successful titles casual, Multiplayer and Social Casino you name it. 

    Marketing Guy

    with the 6 years of experience in digital marketing and has managed dozens of projects on mobile platforms he is an valuable asset to organisation.

    Resource Guy

    Co-Founder of Topaz Star Entertainment and making his strong debut in gaming arena and managing resources for topaz star Entertainment.