How Much does it cost to develop a mobile game?

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How Much does it cost to develop a mobile game?

I have been writing a blog about games but never really covered this topic so let’s start the discussion To get a deep understanding to get a perfect answer to this question we must understand a few things first. There are so many genres so many styles and so many features when it comes to mobile game development. So before starting to analyze the cost, you must figure out some of the basic things to get a quote. The industry is so big and filled with competition so there is no surprise of getting too much difference in quotes. At Topaz Star Entertainment we focus on great results at the cheapest cost. So to begin with the topic let’s focus on the basics first.


Decide which genre you want to be developed for you. it could be casual, action, adventure, social casino, board games and many more. it could be online multiplayer or offline at Topaz Star Entertainment We focus on social casino games like our Bingo Games Teen Patti platinumVideo Poker  Ludo megastar and many more. you can visit our portfolio to see more. So the first thing to get your genre finalized.


There are some basic styles like 2d 2.5d and 3d but you need to be more specific. Like even you decide 2d for an instance you should be able to decide categories like Pixel Art, Cel Shading, Realism, Flat or Geometric. You should be able to decide how it should look like and if you are not aware of anything above just try to refer a game for the art style. Different styles can cost you some extra money or it can save some money.


Select a platform for your game. It’s not too hard to decide it could be android, ios, WebGL, HTML5 or other few, or you can make a combination of some. In current market situation android, iOS and Facebook are the must-have options but if you think your game is unique then you can select all and you can schedule your release for each platform.


Now, this is the most crucial part where your budget can fluctuate miserably, because if you need more features in your game but more features can cost you more. And if you decide to reduce some features you can get lower quotes but your game will have to suffer. for casual games its not necessary to have too many features but for bigger games like social casino, action/adventure or any PVP you need to have as many features implemented. If your developer is nice enough to suggest to you what features you should have what you should avoid then its great news, but I have seen many developers suggesting more and more features just to stretch the budget. So just find out what features you really need.

How should I get things done?

Well, there is a beautiful book written by Davide Allen about Getting things done. If you want to develop the best game you must figure out the above things first. if you have enough knowledge then its great news for you but if you don’t know much there are chances of getting cheated of overpriced or you may get a final product you didn’t wish for. So for best results, first thing decide which game you want to build if its existing concept in the market it’s not too hard to explain but if it’s a new concept it will be hard to explain to the developer. In this case, find someone who can design a concept for you is the best way to communicate with the developer and can create some impression on the developer. The developer will quote according to the concept design he got from you. At this point, you can negotiate with the developer or you can find other alternatives but remember even if different developer quotes different amount it does not define that outcome would be same for all some developer may give you best results in low cost or someone may at a higher cost. It’s up to you to choose the best one. While selecting a developer do ask them for payment breakups like when they need to be paid for the job. some may require payment in two steps or some may give the opportunity to pay in four steps or something else. Some developers might offer partnerships in projects and if they are strong enough you can think about the proposal. The payment breakup may give you time to arrange your resources and might help to release some pressure.

Once your beta is ready to analyze, do the microanalysis and see if it requires any changes or see if you need any additional things to be done, and when finally you get a game developed do ask for test reports and see if any bug still remaining. The developer will share final builds and source code with you, so whenever you want to update your game or make changes you can share that with the same developer or you can find another developer to do the job. The better option is to stay with the developer because he knows the code better, and if you switch to the different developer he might take extra time to understand code.

Topaz star Entertainment would be proud to work on the cheapest cost and can deliver the best games as per your requirement if you have something on your mind fill the contact form on the contact us page or drop us an mail at [email protected].

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